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Parents often look at current toys and wonder, "Is this toy appropriate for my child?" Getting "inside the box," and understanding the features and benefits as they align with the abilities of a particular child can be huge challenges. Even professionals serving children with special needs often lack the time and ability to search for the best products and toys. AblePlay does the research through comprehensive product evaluations relating this information to children's abilities and skill development.

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Priceless Play: 7 Ways to Create Valuable Play without Spending a Dime

April 5, 2017

By: Lydia Bryant, CTRS

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s priceless.”  When we play with our children, it’s priceless.  When we watch them move with joy, it’s priceless.  When we laugh with them, it’s priceless.  While play, joy and laughter are priceless, parents know that paying for it certainly is not.

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