Playaway Toy Company Inc.

Playaway Toy Company Incorporated realizes we can’t always find items that meet the high standards that parents are looking for.  Therefore we decided to create the Rainy Day® Indoor Playground.  Our in-house design team works closely with parents and therapist to develop smart, high quality products unlike any others.  We rely on our real life parents and therapist for fresh ideas and constant input.

Products from this Manufacturer

Rainy Day Therapist Kit

Rainy Day Therapist Kit

By Playaway Toy Company Inc.

The Rainy Day Therapist Kit is an excellent resource for therapists and a wonderful tool for families to have in their homes. The kit is used inside of doorways for fun anytime day or night, rain or shine. The kit includes many attachments: strap swing, hammock, glider swing, trapeze bar, and baby swing with a two-point harness. The support bar is the center of all the action. It fits in doorways from 29”-36” wide and stays put via tension, but can be screwed in for added stability and does not stop the door from closing. All of the attachments hook to the support bar with pelican hooks.