Focus & Attention

Busy Hands

Fiddle Focus™ for Busy Hands

By Creative Educational Strategies & Services, LLC™

Fiddle Focus™ for Busy Hands is a fidget toy that utilizes a variety of fabrics to provide sensory stimulation through a diversity of touch and textures. It is small enough to be carried and used when the child is seeking out sensory stimulation, or feels overwhelmed and needs to keep hands busy and focused. It can also be used as a comfort or transitional object for children in new or changing activities at home and school. 

Busy Hands

Fiddle Focus™ for Busy Fingers

By Creative Educational Strategies & Services, LLC™

Ideal for promoting focus and attention, Fiddle Focus™ for Busy Fingers helps kids with self-regulation. Fiddle Focus™ for Busy Fingers is a fidget toy that utilizes a variety of fabrics to provide tactile discrimination and sensory stimulation. It can be used when the child feels overwhelmed and needs to keep hands busy, or is seeking out sensory stimulation. It can also be a positive tool for children to use for transitions between activities, home and school. 

Twiddle Classic


By Q3 Enterprises LLC

The soft and machine washable Twiddle® products can help soothe and calm and create focus and attention through fidgeting and sensory stimulation. There are a wide variety of Twiddle® themes to choose from: Classic, Sport, Cat, and Pup. Each Twiddle® includes a soft-plastic orbit ball, loop of multi-colored wooden beads, textured ribbons, Velcro pull patch and a sealed satin or buckskin crackle pouch.   

Blue Orange Games

Color Clash

By Blue Orange Games

Color Clash is a game of matching colored tiles, but it is not so simple…each of the 36 Color Clash tiles has 3 attributes: a picture of a differently colored chameleon, a word that refers to a specific color, and a color that the word is written in. This is a game of visual perception and speed that challenges your mind to recognize the color a word is written in when it spells another color, also known as the “Stroop Effect.” Color Clash includes 8 variations of game play in the instruction booklet for a plethora of play value. 



By Let's Choose™

Choice-a-Quence educates and prepares kids with real-life situations on proper behaviors, social and language skills through game play. The object of this educational card game is to match each choice card with a variety of possible consequence cards. Game play teaches flexibility in social situations by preparing kids how to ask as well as answer questions accordingly and be flexible with the outcome. Choice-a-Quence can be played individually or with a group for game show, role play and story starters variations.  

Snug Vest

Snug Vest™

By Wearable Therapeutics

Snug Vest is a therapeutic product for individuals that benefit from sensory feedback and stimulation to focus and attend or calm and soothe. Snug Vest inflates to provide adjustable and evenly-distributed pressure to the torso for a comforting hug-like squeeze without pressure placed on the stomach or chest. The product promotes independence as the child can self-inflate their vest in a discrete way to get the exact amount of safe pressure they need. The Snug Vest is stylish and unsuspected making it inclusive for kids to wear regularly!



By SmartNoggin, Inc

NogginStik is a toy that focuses on skills children need in the first developmental stages of their life. The original purpose of the NogginStik was to promote eye tracking, but this rattle-like product encourages other developmental milestones such as: auditory attention, sensory stimulation, and grasping. A unique feature of the NogginStik is that unlike a traditional rattle when tapped or shaken, a soft glow light changes colors between red, green and blue to stimulate the eyes and encourage visual attention. 


My Friendship Bracelet Maker

My Friendship Bracelet Maker

By Choose Friendship Company

Create friendship bracelets with ease using this plastic bracelet holder. A butterfly clip holds the threads in place while individual slots keep them separate and ready for knotting. Drawer under the Bracelet Maker stores all thread supplies. Includes 56 pre-cut threads.



By Bananagrams

This game includes 144 letter tiles of the same size and shape. Players each receive the same number of letter tiles and must create their own crossword using all of their tiles and the tiles in the “bunch” before the other players. Players will shout “peel” and “dump” when they are out of tiles or need a swap. This game promotes word recognition and pre-literacy skills while inspiring laughter and socialization. 


Scramble Squares Frogs

By B. Dazzle Inc.

This is a non-interlocking puzzle set that requires picture matching. Match the pictures on the edges of nine squares to complete the puzzle. Puzzles are available in various subject categories, and stores easily in its zip lock pouch. The designs assessed were: Serengeti, North American Birds, Butterflies, Vintage Airplanes, and Frogs.