Number Concepts

Jumbo Circus

Jumbo Circus

By Weplay

This set of blocks is themed with circus animals and full of balancing and building potential. The Jumbo Circus set comes with 4 balancing planks along with 4 large, 8 medium and 16 small elephant blocks. The blocks can be stacked, rolled, connected, and rocked for endless creativity and construction opportunities. The elephant blocks come in 4 vibrant colors and have illustrations and textures on them for visual and tactile appeal. Each kit comes with an activity guide for extended play ideas. 


The Multiples Tableware Sets

By Realtimes Products LLC

The Multiples are a series of dishes that promote numeracy—the ability to understand and work with numbers—through exposure and social learning. Each plate, bowl or cup includes a selection from a diverse cast of animal characters as well as number sets. The sets are separated into three levels: early years, middle years and later years. This tiered system allows children to be exposed to new sets of numbers as they advance with age and progress their skills. When combined, all of the pieces cover multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

Blue Orange Games


By Blue Orange Games

Wink is a game of strategy that encourages social interaction through gameplay. The objective of the game is to stealthily wink at your secret partner without being caught by the other players. Your secret partner is determined by whether or not you have the matching card he is looking for. With an ever changing game board composed of randomly laid wink cards, this is a game that can be played over and over again. 

Money Savvy Generation

Money Savvy Bank

By Money Savvy Generation

A new spin on the traditional “piggy” bank splits the Money Savvy Generation banks into four different sections: save, spend, donate and invest. The banks allow kids to begin their personal finance education at a young age by learning the different and important roles of money. Each bank comes with a guide for expanded financial education.

Tiggly Math

Tiggly Math

By Tiggly

Tiggly apps are dedicated to helping parents introduce their children to the digital world in an easy yet educational way. The Tiggly Math set is composed of a collection of three digital applications, and 5 silicone Tiggly Toys that complement and interact directly with the apps on the tablet. The suite of apps is composed of three applications, each teaching a separate concept: Tiggly Addventure (number line), Tiggly Cardtoons (counting), and Tiggly Chef (addition). It is a math toy that interacts with your tablet to make math tangible.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

By Vtech Electronics

The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is two toys in one. The detachable activity panel can be placed on the floor for young babies to push buttons, spin rollers, and open doors, activating music, sounds, and words (colors, animals, shapes, numbers). For the emergent walker, the activity panel may be snapped back on the walker and the child can continue to learn as he/she grows and moves. The unit automatically powers down after a short period without input.


123 JUMP 48” Round Bouncer Trampoline with Game

By Skywalker Holdings

48” Color Count Trampoline boasts a sturdy steel frame with foam padding, full mesh enclosure and zipper entrance. The jump surface is lower than traditional trampolines enabling children to get in and out independently. The interactive logo mat and attached color legend can extend play from bouncing to an interactive game where children follow the color pattern on the color legend.

For indoor or outdoor use; weight limit 100lbs. 

Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Math 1, 2 & 3

By Grouchy Dog

Rainbow Math is a system of educational games that includes many variations of game play allowing kids of all abilities and math levels to play together. Kids have the opportunity to learn new concepts while mastering old concepts. Rainbow Math is a formula for learning that is fun—the games promote math concepts and skills, problem solving and critical thinking while delivering social interaction. System supports Common Core learning. Note: Rainbow Math games 1-3 were evaluated in this AblePlay report-- Fantabulous Forest (1), Broken Treasure (2) and Pirate Adventure (3).



By B. Toys

Set of 26 soft, colorful blocks that are easy to grasp and are safe for children who mouth toys.  Each block is deeply embossed with a letter and a corresponding animal.  Several different shapes enable children to build architectural masterpieces. The blocks easily fit into the included carrying case which zips closed.  Phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free.

One Two Squeeze

One Two Squeeze Soft 123 Blocks

By B. Toys

Set of ten soft, colorful blocks that are easy to grasp and are safe for children who mouth toys.  Each block is embossed with a number, animal and items to count.  Play with this block set builds exploration and imagination. The blocks easily fit into the included carrying case, which zips closed.  Phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free.