Object Permanence

Noggin Seek in Box


By SmartNoggin, Inc

NogginSeek Cognitive Rattle is the latest addition to the Smart Noggin Toy lineup that aims to develop and achieve some of infants’ earliest developmental skills and milestones.  The NogginSeek features the company’s signature clear globe-shaped head (Noggin) and smiley face that contains the blue and white rattle balls. When the rattle is turned right side up, the balls drain down the hollow clear handle; when the rattle is turned upside down, the balls drop into the Noggin.

Sand and Water Table

By Weplay

Clear plastic basin with undulating form is set on a yellow painted steel frame that is adjustable in height and has two lockable wheels for ease of moving the Table into different play spaces. Multipurpose Table lid can be used as a storage shelf (under the Table) for supplies, as a separate play surface to hold sand and toys, or as a writing surface when placed on top of the tub. 

Find It Discover America

Find It!

By Identity Games

Find It! is a closed ended clear tube filled with multi-colored pellets and forty small objects “hidden” among them. The hidden items are related to the tube’s central theme (Dinos, At the Beach, Glitz & Glamour, Discover America, Pirates, Starry Night, Kids, Wildlife, Mythical Creatures, Made in Washington, Eww Gross, and Original), and are listed on the tube end cap. Players shake, roll and twist the tube to uncover and identify the objects.

ifocus Jungle Rangers

ifocus Jungle Rangers

By Focus Education

ifocus Jungle Rangers is a computer software game designed to improve a child’s focus and attention through memory and recall, sequencing and more. Jungle Rangers provides children with interactive characters that teach them the skills needed to play each section of the game. The games are intuitive- the child does not select his own level; the game identifies the player’s ability and advances when he is ready. The games are engaging to children who already enjoy video games, but also inviting to those children who do not typically play them.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

By Vtech Electronics

The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is two toys in one. The detachable activity panel can be placed on the floor for young babies to push buttons, spin rollers, and open doors, activating music, sounds, and words (colors, animals, shapes, numbers). For the emergent walker, the activity panel may be snapped back on the walker and the child can continue to learn as he/she grows and moves. The unit automatically powers down after a short period without input.

Comfy N Secure Coaster Swing

Comfy-N-Secure Coaster Swing

By Swing N Slide

Plastic molded swing featuring adjustable shoulder straps and T-bar for secure swinging.  The T-bar can be lowered for easy positioning.  Once a child outgrows the need for the T-bar it can be strapped to the bottom of the swing.  Maximum weight 50lbs.

Bright and Beyond Activity Cards

Bright and Beyond Activity Cards

By Ready Set Resources, LLC

Bright and Beyond Activity Card set promotes cognitive skills, motor skills, language skills, self-esteem and sensory awareness using simple, everyday items found in the home. The cards are sturdy and laminated and include helpful illustrations and simple instructions for the activity. Activities promote learning while providing fun, interactive experiences for children and caregivers. Each set has 52 activity cards and is sold separately.  Safety issues are noted when appropriate.

What's Inside? Toy Box

What's Inside? Toy Box

By One Step Ahead

Textured cloth toy box cube with an “X” slit on one side that contains eight soft sculpted objects for simple in-out play and exploration.

6-in-1 Town Center Playhouse

6-in-1 Town Center Playhouse

By Little Tikes

Large activity house with two movable walls that open for easy access.  Each side of the wall highlights a different location in a town such as gas station, café, and sports gym.