By Schmidt Spiele

Twonsters are plush characters in the shape of friendly monsters that share different emotions. Each character is equipped with two individual emotions for children to express as they switch between the interchangeable faces that are sewed onto the Twonster. Each Twonster is made from soft, pillowlike material that makes them ideal for cuddling. There are 9 different Twonsters in two different sizes for kids and caregivers to choose from, each with its own colorful appearance and personality. 

Empathy Box

Happy Heart Kid Activity Kits

By Happy Heart Kid

Each of the Happy Heart Kid Activity Kits focus on a different social/emotional skill—empathy, generosity, grit and manners. The kits are packed full of activities, games and arts and crafts to help kids develop skills to explore and understand their character and the character of others. 

Blue Orange Games


By Blue Orange Games

Wink is a game of strategy that encourages social interaction through gameplay. The objective of the game is to stealthily wink at your secret partner without being caught by the other players. Your secret partner is determined by whether or not you have the matching card he is looking for. With an ever changing game board composed of randomly laid wink cards, this is a game that can be played over and over again. 



By Let's Choose™

Choice-a-Quence educates and prepares kids with real-life situations on proper behaviors, social and language skills through game play. The object of this educational card game is to match each choice card with a variety of possible consequence cards. Game play teaches flexibility in social situations by preparing kids how to ask as well as answer questions accordingly and be flexible with the outcome. Choice-a-Quence can be played individually or with a group for game show, role play and story starters variations.