Strategic Thinking

Blue Orange Games

Crab Stack

By Blue Orange Games

Crab Stack is a game of strategy and problem solving to keep crabs crawling across the game board. Players will have to pin down other crabs and use the Wave Rule as they maneuver around the board in order to be the last crab crawling! Players must focus and attend to every move because as the game progresses, there are less and less options to move crabs across the board. “Crawl smart or get swept away!”

Blue Orange Games


By Blue Orange Games

Wink is a game of strategy that encourages social interaction through gameplay. The objective of the game is to stealthily wink at your secret partner without being caught by the other players. Your secret partner is determined by whether or not you have the matching card he is looking for. With an ever changing game board composed of randomly laid wink cards, this is a game that can be played over and over again. 

Switchamajig Controller

Switchamajig Controller

By Paw Solutions, LLC

The Switchamajig Controller syncs with an iPad* enabling children (and adults) to operate switch-adapted toys (3.5mm jacks), electronic devices, and kitchen utensils by touching the switch panels on the iPad screen. The unit plugs into a switch-adapted toy or switch-adapted outlet and creates a Wi-Fi connection with the iPad to control the device it’s plugged in to.
2 AA Batteries sold separately.
Switch adapted toy not included.
*Requires an iPad to use - sold separately. To sync your iPad, download the free Switchamjig application

Hearts, Triangles, Squares

FunBites Hearts, Triangles, Squares

By FunBites

FunBites are a perfect complement to breakfast, lunch and dinner time! The different shaped cutters allow kids to pop out shapes and start to create. FunBites makes it ok to play with your food! The triangle, heart and square shaped cutters have curved plastic blades that cut food into small bite sized pieces. Green FunBites makes 12 squares, Red FunBites makes 10 geometric shapes to create hearts, and the Orange FunBites creates 10 geometric shapes to create triangles. Imaginations and creativity will expound with FunBites!

Weplay Art Blocks

Art Blocks

By Weplay

Set of 16 plastic cube blocks, 2” square. Five different sets to choose from (each sold separately) have patterns, colors, and/or curves to create visually stimulating structures. 


uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

By uKloo Kids Inc.

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game takes kids on a reading adventure! Game play is similar to a scavenger hunt and turns the house into a game board. Cards are hidden around the house enticing kids to read the first clue card, find the next clue and locate the surprise at the end. When kids get stuck on a word, the Picture Helper poster provides assistance to sound out the word using a visual cue. This game is beneficial for a wide age range and helps kids build confidence and independence as they learn to read.



By Swing N Slide

This three-level wooden play set kit contains pre-cut lumber, two sling-seat swings, one ring/trapeze combo, rock climbing wall, climbing rope, Alpine Wave Slide, Tunnel Twister Slide, two-bench picnic table, two safety handles, double-sided magnetic chalk board, three peek-a-boo windows, gabled wooden roof and all necessary hardware and instructions. The swing chains are rubber coated for comfort and safety. When built, this set has one large and two small upper level play decks and an under deck picnic table. It can accommodate up to 15 children.

Speed Stacks Competitor

Speed Stacks Competitor

By Speed Stacks Inc

Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks(R)! Using 12 sturdy plastic cups (called Speed Stacks) up stack and down stack in predetermined sequences as fast as you can. StackMat(R) competition timer, instructional DVD and sport carrying bag for the cups are all included in this package. Play independently, on a team, or challenge a peer. Speed Stacks, Inc. has a website designated just for educators/therapists/professionals.


Traditional Piano

Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Toy Piano

By Schoenhut® Piano Company

The Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Toy Piano was the first toy piano to be played at Carnegie Hall! With straight legs to show off a classic look, this 25-key spinet is definitive in style and durable for little musicians and professional pianists. Unique chime-like tones are created by small hammers striking metal rods, producing a charming sound that will have little pianists mesmerized. The width of the keys promotes proper finger placement in the youngest of pianists, enabling an easy transition to a larger piano.

2-in-1 Garden Cart & Wheelbarrel

2-in-1 Garden Cart & Wheelbarrow

By Little Tikes

Small, child-sized garden cart with removable tray and fabric canopy that doubles as a wheelbarrow. Set includes two gardening tools, two plastic potted flowers and a real working water sprayer.