Visual Processing & Attention


Bristle Block Spinaroos

By B. Toys

Set of 75 richly-colored plastic blocks. The blocks have interlocking bristles on all sides to help them connect securely for successful building. Several spinning bases add movement to play. BPA-free and lead-free.

One Two Squeeze

One Two Squeeze Soft 123 Blocks

By B. Toys

Set of ten soft, colorful blocks that are easy to grasp and are safe for children who mouth toys.  Each block is embossed with a number, animal and items to count.  Play with this block set builds exploration and imagination. The blocks easily fit into the included carrying case, which zips closed.  Phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free.


Wheeee-mote Control

By B. Toys

A cordless, one-button remote controls this car. Pressing the button on the remote operates the car. Press and hold the button down to drive forward. Release the button and then press again to drive in circles. The car is always in motion. When the car is on, lights flash and an engine sound is heard. When driving, screeching tires and beeps can be heard and spinning gears can be seen through the windows of the car. It requires four AA batteries (included) and 1 9V battery, sold separately. BPA-free and lead-free.

Blow Lotto

Blow Lotto

By American Educational Products

A ping-pong ball is blown on a game board and played like bingo. Each child takes a turn and when the ball lands on an animal, that animal is covered up on the child’s game board.  The first person to cover her board wins.