For Retailers

Play is the way kids learn, develop skills and reach milestones. The National Lekotek Center mission is to make the world of play accessible to ALL children, especially those who have disabilities or special needs. Toys and play empower children to reach their potential and increase inclusion within the family and community.

In order to increase accessibility and advocate for toys and play at a grassroots, community and local level, Lekotek acknowledges the valuable role retailers play. Retailers have the ability to reach, teach and build direct relationships with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others looking for the right toy for the children in their lives.

School Special Needs

  Services for Retailers  

Lekotek looks for opportunities to advance the role of retailers by helping them:

  • Provide information to consumers about the skill development potential of toys including:
    • Cognitive
    • Communicative
    • Sensory
    • Physical
    • Social/Emotional
  • Educate consumers on how to use toys to help their child reach their highest potential
  • Promote play as a vehicle in the child development process, particularly in a child’s younger, most formative years
  • Train staff on ways to inform consumers on the developmental value of the play products they carry

  Completed Projects  

Some of the projects Lekotek has successfully delivered for retailers include:

  • Product Catalogues/Guides
  • Toy Evaluations
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Social Media/Blogs
  • Trainings:
    • Developmental Milestones & Toys
    • The Role of Toys in Child Development
    • Disability Awareness
    • ASTRA Child Development 101 (5 part min-series)