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Learning to read is hard work for many children – and very hard work for some. Using research-based best practices identified by the National Reading Panel, award-winning Budding Reader eBooks were designed to make learning to read easier for children, even struggling readers.

Budding Reader is a small company with a big mission. They want to make learning to read easier and more fun for all children, especially struggling readers. No matter where they live. No matter why they struggle. That’s why Budding Reader is partnering with literacy non-profits to donate an eBook to a child in need every time you buy one.

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Budding Reader

Budding Reader eBooks

By Budding Reader, LLC

The Budding Reader eBook series allows children to practice and enhance literacy skills by scaffolding learning. Each book set – one for each short vowel sound - begins with a wordless book and then gradually adds new vocabulary. By retelling the same story and repeating vocabulary, Budding Reader eBooks build confidence and prevent children from being overloaded by a slew of unfamiliar vocabulary words.