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In the early 1990s Robert “Bob” Gardner from Willits, California created what would eventually become the Buddy Bike. Bob, a bicycle enthusiast, was inspired to customize a bike to ride with his young son Isaac. Bob had the innovation of adding a seat and foot pegs in front of his seat. Isaac enjoyed riding in front but wanted his own pedals so Bob welded two bicycle frames together. He called the unique tandem bicycle the Love Bike and began production in 1996.

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Buddy Bike

By Buddy Bike LLC

The Buddy Bike is a unique tandem bicycle where the child sits in front of the adult.  The child’s seat is lower so the adult can easily see over his head.  The pedals are synced and both riders have brakes.  The Buddy Bike has a shorter wheelbase than traditional tandem bikes: 57.125” Buddy Bike Family, 58.125” for Buddy Bike Sport – whereas traditional tandems are 69.7”-72.2”.  Combined weight limit 380lbs.