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The design of Tieramid Creative Blocks was influenced by Friedrich W. Froebel, the originator of the "kindergarten system".  "Kindergarten was designed to teach young children about art, design, mathematics, and natural history." [source: Froebel Web]. One of the first developmental toys Froebel created was a wooden cylinder. It represented a transitional form between the sphere and the square. Tieramid expands on this cylindrical structure and educational concept. 

Products from this Manufacturer

Tieramid Circle Set

Tieramid CircleSet

This brightly colored 22 piece wooden block set consists of six stackable disks. Each of the disks is made up of various curved shapes. Included with the blocks are a set of 48 picture cards which depict diagrams of different objects that can be constructed with the blocks, thus extending traditional block play. These picture cards are coded in order to delineate differing levels of play and difficulty. Every picture card is multilingual, having the title of each picture card appear in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations.