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We named ourselves "The Haywire Group" to remind ourselves that from time to time things do tend to go a bit haywire...but it's all fun and games in the end. Undaunted, back in 2005 we set out to create a line of games designed to get people out of their comfort zones and have fun while doing it.

We have games that exercise your brain and your body. So get off the couch, put away the chips and soda (you really need to cut back anyway), and turn off that evil video screen. Our games will have you throwing rubber chickens, stuffing tacos, or guessing a famous moustache! There are games with strategy, games with luck, and games with physical challenges. Whether you're a preschooler (a really gifted one if you can read this) or someone who thinks your game-playing days are behind you, we have a game you'll love to play.

Products from this Manufacturer

Worry Eater Wanda

Worry Eater Wanda

By Haywire Group

The Worry Eaters are soft, plush toys with zipper mouths designed to devour a child’s worries that the child has written down and / or illustrated on a sheet of paper and inserted into the toy. The Worry Eater is intended to serve as conversation starter in order to process the “worry” with a parent, facilitator, or members of a play / therapy group. The Worry Eaters are available in 18 varieties, varying in physical appearance characteristics and sizes, bound to appeal to a diverse set of tastes.