Hedstrom Specialty

Since 1913, Hedstrom has focused on products that kids want, need, and enjoy that can improve their lives. Whether they are providing products to motivate children to become more physically fit, get outdoor, unplug or relate as a team, Hedstrom delivers products designed to build skills. By offering kids a classic collection of quality balls, sports products or baby products geared to helping infants reach developmental milestones, Hedstrom has kids’ health, fitness and future in mind.

Hedstrom’s latest initiative offers a premier line of products as a platform to encourage sensory play and exploration for infants and young children called, “Hedstrom Specialty.” Research continues to reveal that brains significantly develop during early childhood and a healthy diet of sensory play experiences fuels cognitive growth.

Products from this Manufacturer

Green and Blue Duraball


The Duraball is a lightweight, soft and flexible, translucent and inflatable ball for kids of all ages. Offered in 20 (blue) or 36 inch (green) diameters, the Duraball is soft yet durable enough to be rolled or sat on, kicked, thrown, and bounced on hard or soft surfaces, or even a friend’s head! A handpump is included. Easy to clean and store.


Sensory Shapes Ball

Sensory Shapes Ball is made of durable foam with 6 two-sided puzzle-like inserts. These pieces fit flat into the ball creating a smooth, round surface. Each insert contains different numbers, letters, and textured designs for kids to explore. Grooves cover the surface of the ball creating a variety of areas for hands to grasp as kids play. 


Sensory Twistz

Sensory Twistz include twenty connected balls that come together as a circle or pop apart as different strands for kids to manipulate and create. The connected foam balls come in bright colors and patterns but have a smooth uniform texture for visual and tactile sensory appeal. Fine motor skills will be honed as kids interact with the beadlike band during play.