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IKOS emerged when Mike Wong returned to his old high school in Park City, UT and began mentoring three talented students enrolled in Park City CAPS, a program which gives students hands on experience by working with industry outside of the classroom. Mina Berglund, Paige DaBell, and Gates Lamb began this project with an open mind and endless imagination.

A shape pioneered by Peter Roberts, designed for constructing concrete spheres, was the original inspiration for the students. With the intention to spread the knowledge that spheres are an amazing solution to water storage and affordable housing, they began crafting a design that everyone could understand.  Mina, Paige, Gates, and Mike worked in and out of the classroom to help launch the building shape for the next generation.  Utilizing desktop 3D printing, they designed a spherical building toy for creators of all ages that can be manufactured out of 100% recycled HDPE.

IKOS are a modular, spherical, construction toy for inventors of all ages. With one shape, users can create everything from a full sphere to abstract curved creations. When you want to enhance your creation, snap pieces together vertically to create anything you wish. You can design anything you can dream up by adding other items or painting the sphere to create a unique and customizable 3D puzzle.

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IKOS is a three-dimensional puzzle unlike many others. Fully assembled, the IKOS pieces come together to form a sphere, but that is just the start of its endless number of creations. The puzzle allows children to employ their creativity to make new and unique creations with the three-dimensional puzzle pieces without explicit instructions. The pieces are paintable and interchangeable for many adaptations through play for people of all ages and abilities.