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Our goal is to provide a new resource for children and families to overcome the barriers to communication due to hearing loss. As parents of a child who is deaf, we wanted to describe the world to our son with Sign Language. One of the first steps on this journey was to teach him the manual alphabet and some simple signs. We found the alphabet hard to translate from two dimensional drawings, into the mind of a small child. We developed a set of ABC blocks with a Sign Language hand shape on top, and the results exceeded our expectations. After a few months, our son not only knew the manual alphabet, he was signing and spelling short words at the age of three. We believe with the proper support, FINGERSPELLING BLOCKS™ can provide a firm foundation for future success. 

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Fingerspelling Blocks

Fingerspelling Blocks

By Keefco, Inc.

Set of 26 plastic alphabet blocks that have corresponding sign language hand shapes molded on top. Each block is embossed with letters and associated pictures to further connect written and sign language letters. Children are able to easily feel and see how to form each letter with their own hands. The blocks are approximately 1 ¾” wide by 1 ¾” deep by 5 ½” tall.