Mason Corporation

Mason Corporation is a family-owned business since 1982.

Mason Corporation manufactures in Brentwood, TN using quality, US-made components.

Mason Corporation places highest emphasis on personalized and exceptionally responsive customer service. We are a SMALL business with a LARGE focus on customer care.

Mason Corporation is innovative – creating one-of-a-kind designs with your original ideas in mind.

Mason Corporation has a hands-on approach to quality control of all its product line.

Mason Corporation promotes environmentally friendly guidelines in all its business practices – from recycling to packaging to its manufacturing processes.

Mason Corporation regards SAFETY as our Priority #1 in product design.

Mason Corporation produces quality, innovative award-winning riding toys, including “Best Classic Toy”

Re: Our waterslides: Mason Corporation gives you a turnkey price that includes design, manufacturing, shipping and installation.

Products from this Manufacturer



Adapted from the classic flying turtle, the Exer-Rider® was designed by a pediatric physical therapist for those with special needs. Moving handles back and forth propels the rider. This inviting Exer-Rider® works well with children who have upper body strength and mobility but who also have lower extremity weakness and/or paralysis such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy. The Exer-Rider® brings the benefits of physical activity to children with physical disabilities.