McClean Enterprises, LLC

McClean Enterprises offers family games for all ages that help you reconnect with family and friends by making the most of your time together. Our games are perfect for any gathering be it the holidays, family game night, reunions or friendly get-togethers. Our eye-catching, portable games foster more QUALITY time when so little QUANTITY time is available in this technology-filled age. Turn off the electronic devices and re-establish those personal connections!

Products from this Manufacturer

Catch Up

Catch Up Game

Catch Up is a card game that revolves around getting to know one another. Played by a minimum of two players, the point of the game is simply to roll the die and get through the entire deck of cards, while answering the question prompts along the way. The die dictates which questions get asked with the options of easy, hard, all, or choose. 

Relish the Moment

Relish the Moment

Relish the Moment is a game full of games. Inside the relish bottle includes a deck of cards with pass cards, action cards, and question cards. The point of this group card game is to be the one with the most pass cards by the time the deck runs out. Win an action card game and receive a pass card. The action cards include 13 common childhood games that will get kids interacting with one another such as 20 questions and a rhyming challenge.