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Pen-Tech Professional LLC is an independent publishing and consulting company based out of Greenville, WI. They promote the sale of books and merchandise that are created and published by the company. Other services offered include freelance writing, publishing related consulting, and professional, motivational presentations related to their books.

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A Different Little Doggy

By Pen-Tech Professional llc

“A Different Little Doggy” is an illustrated children’s book all about a dog who is a little different from the rest. The storybook focuses on Taz, a dog who turns his differences into his strengths. Page by illustrated page, Taz informs the reader about everything that makes him unique, and how they are all positives that he would not change one bit. The story is written by Heather Whittaker and illustrated by Scott Alberts. In addition to the illustrated story, there is a separate classroom curriculum available with 10 activities for further exploration of the topic.