pi lab LLC

The team at pi lab believes in the power of imagination. pi lab invents product experiences that transform the way children and families learn because they are inspired by the fun and joy discovered from the creative process. 

Having worked with some of the most influential and creative people and companies in the world, as well as having a special ability to conceive, collaborate and create products, pi lab has recruited an elite team to bring their collective product visions to life. From napkin sketch to creation, the pi lab team are experts in the steps necessary to produce special and engaging product lines. 

Products from this Manufacturer

Edwin the Duck

Edwin the Duck

Edwin is more than a rubber duck; Edwin is a smart duck. Just like classic rubber ducks, Edwin is bright yellow, he floats, he is waterproof, and kids love him. However, Edwin can also interact with smart devices, read stories, sing lullabies, turn into a nightlight, and play a child’s favorite music. Edwin is equipped with a waterproof speaker inside, colorful LED light, and his very own charging nest, meaning that you will never need to buy batteries.