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Margaret Light, founder of Twiddle®, created the prototype activity/comfort aid for her beloved grandmother, Lily, in 1997.Throughout her life, Lily had been marvelous with her hands. She loved creating beautiful knitted sweaters, delicate embroidery and award-winning recipes. As she aged, Lily’s eyesight began to fade, and those wonderful hands became idle and chilled. The Twiddle gave Lily’s inquisitive hands something to keep them active, engaged and warm. Lily was also reminded of how much she was loved, even when Margaret couldn’t be with her.

Some 20,000 Twiddles later, Vicki Quick and Barney Nelson became the proud new owners of the Twiddle line in June 2014. They have been working since to improve product features and introduce the Twiddles to new markets.


Products from this Manufacturer

Twiddle Classic


The soft and machine washable Twiddle® products can help soothe and calm and create focus and attention through fidgeting and sensory stimulation. There are a wide variety of Twiddle® themes to choose from: Classic, Sport, Cat, and Pup. Each Twiddle® includes a soft-plastic orbit ball, loop of multi-colored wooden beads, textured ribbons, Velcro pull patch and a sealed satin or buckskin crackle pouch.