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The Multiples believe everyone can do math! There are 12 quirky multinational characters each with a favorite number from 1-12 to encourage children to become social, emotional and numerate.

Exposure matters! The more children are exposed to an idea, thought, or visual experience the more they will learn. And the more they learn, the more confident they become!

Children use the Multiples Tableware in many ways. Often they make up their own games and develop a dialogue with their peers or parents. The options are limitless! Be it skip counting, adding or subtracting around the dishes, or making the connection that each number on the plate matches it’s multiple with the clock pattern, children are amazing with their creativity and interest!

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The Multiples Tableware Sets

The Multiples are a series of dishes that promote numeracy—the ability to understand and work with numbers—through exposure and social learning. Each plate, bowl or cup includes a selection from a diverse cast of animal characters as well as number sets. The sets are separated into three levels: early years, middle years and later years. This tiered system allows children to be exposed to new sets of numbers as they advance with age and progress their skills. When combined, all of the pieces cover multiplication tables from 1 to 12.