Skywalker Holdings

Skywalker Trampolines staff has 35 combined years of experience in the design and manufacturing of modern, top quality production lines. A growing staff of sales, customer service, order processors, marketing, and warehouse team members have made it possible for Skywalker Trampolines to quickly expand their business to many of the top large retailers. Their trampoline with enclosure combos, mini toddler trampolines, bike racks and other trampoline games and accessories have patented designs that allow for years of safe, fun, family activity. Their team continues to design new innovated products using the latest in technology. The latest of which is their growing product line of indoor/outdoor interactive mini trampolines for those too little for a full size trampoline. These mini toddler trampolines have been nationally recognized with top ratings to support children with different abilities. 

Skywalker Trampolines was created with a belief - a belief that trampolines and other game equipment should be safe and fun keeping children actively engaged in indoor and outdoor activities. Skywalker Trampolines offers all sizes of trampolines to fit the smallest or largest of yards with their wide variety of round trampoline sizes, to the square and rectangle. So regardless of your family’s indoor or outdoor activity area you can enjoy the finest in quality products.

Products from this Manufacturer


123 JUMP 48” Round Bouncer Trampoline with Game

48” Color Count Trampoline boasts a sturdy steel frame with foam padding, full mesh enclosure and zipper entrance. The jump surface is lower than traditional trampolines enabling children to get in and out independently. The interactive logo mat and attached color legend can extend play from bouncing to an interactive game where children follow the color pattern on the color legend.

For indoor or outdoor use; weight limit 100lbs. 

36" Bouncer

Jump-N-Count Interactive Mini Bouncer Trampoline

The Jump-N-Count Interactive Mini Bouncer Trampoline 36” is a square trampoline fit for indoor use, with a padded handle for added comfort as children jump. The spring free design uses stretch bands to avoid pinching kids’ fingers and toes, and the stretch bands are covered for additional safety. When turned on, this Jump-N-Count Mini Bouncer Trampoline will count along with the jumps up to 10, congratulate the child, and start again! For every set of 10 jumps completed, a light will illuminate, allowing the child to keep track of how many jumps were completed.