Soapets, LLC.

Soapets are unique and fun plush tub toys that make bathing and showering fun and inspire creative play in and out of the tub.  Based on the story of Soapy Soapet, a magical wizard with special powers, each individual Soapet character has its own unique story and comes with its own rhyming book, perfect to create imaginative story telling long after the kids get out of the tub.  There are seven unique Soapet characters:  Dyno The Dinosaur, Mimi The Ladybug, Bobo The Panda, Cici The Turtle, Wis’s The Penguin, Lela The Platypus, Fefe The Dragon. 

Soapets are a favorite plush toy that can go in the tub, making bath time fun for kids and therefore easier for parents!  They are designed with features that make them versatile, low-maintenance and easy to use.  Simply make sure the string is loose and front pouch is open, then place a bar of soap or the sponge and liquid soap in front pouch, firmly pull the string and wrap it around the suction cup and they are ready to go!  Soapets are the perfect size to fit in a child’s hand, making them ideal for washing and playing.  They are made of a special material, velboa, which is soft and gentle on skin, great for cleaning and quick-drying as it dries more quickly than other fabrics such as terry cloth.  Bath time is a blast when you soap-it-up with Soapets! 

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Soapets are a bath time companion for kids! This collection of plush animals can get wet time and time again, and are made to hold kids’ soap, making bath time more of a play time. Each Soapet comes equipped to be used with bar soap and liquid soap, depending on preference. To use the bar soap, simply place it in the Soapet’s pouch, and for liquid soap, simply pour it onto the included Soapet sponge. Soapets come in 7 friendly and colorful options, ranging from Fefe the Dragon to Dyno the Dinosaur.