Rooted in Charleston, South Carolina, It all began when Rob Bertschy shaped a curved piece of wood for his kids to rock on at the beach while they watched him surf. He figured it would help their core balance until they were ready to ride the waves too. Being surrounded by all the majestic oak trees in Charleston, he soon realized (with the help of his wife) how awesome it would be to hang it from a tree and surf the air - bringing together the best of both worlds from swings and board sports. While the idea has grown, each board is still one of a kind and 100% made in the USA.



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The Swurfer

By Swurfer

The Swurfer is a new type of swing by combining a traditional tree swing with a curved skateboard-like bottom. Kids can achieve the combined sensation of flying through the air with the “extreme” feel of board sports. For ease of use, the Swurfer is curved to allow better balance as kids swing, and it has two adjustable handles for stability to fit swinging riders of all size. To get started, all you need to do is hang the Swurfer from a tree, or you can also install it on a porch, swingset, or under a deck using eye-bolts.