Time Timer®

The Time Timer story begins in Cincinnati with an inquisitive four-year-old, a thoughtful mom/entrepreneur and the original visual timer.

Nicknamed the "how much longer kid," Jan Rogers' young daughter Loran found the concept of time to be both a challenge and a frustration. She always wanted to beat the clock in athletics as well as household tasks – but because she couldn't read the clock, she constantly asked Jan: "How much longer?"

Jan realized that in order to understand the basic concept of time, children needed to see it. This concept led to the design of the Time Timer with its patented red disk. As the time elapsed, the red disk would disappear, creating a graphic image of the passage of time. This sensitive solution instantly clicked for Loran - and her friends, and her classmates! Today, thousands of school children use Time Timers every day. Children who grew up with the Time Timer continue to find new uses for it at home, at work and in healthcare.

Over time, Jan Rogers evolved the Time Timer into many revolutionary tools for children and adults alike.


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Watch PLUS

A personal time management tool that helps kids and adults alike tell time and stay on task. The key is Time Timer’s intuitive design that animates the passage of time on its unique watch face. Time Timer also functions as an alarm and timer.