Tubby Table

We designed Tubby Table from the ground up to be safe, sturdy, and both parent and kid-friendly – on every level!

The Tubby Table gives kids a play surface in the middle of the tub, allowing the water to flow back into the tub instead of all over the bathroom floor. The Tubby Table is not only fun, but educational as well. In 2015 we are introducing the New and Improved Tubby Table based on all the wonderful feedback from our customers. We took our single table-top design and added 3 different play areas for more play patterns for kids.  They will have a blast learning as they play. It also allows for siblings to play together and share their toys.

Finally, a bath time solution that is fun, educational AND keeps the water inside the tub.

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Tubby Table

Tubby Table

By Tubby Table

No more using the tub edge as a play stage for toddler’s bath toys! Tubby Table is designed as a versatile bathtub activity “hub” for toddlers. The tabletop base grips to the tub bottom with large suction cups; two additional table leaves are provided to snap onto the top of the base table piece. The sturdy table provides a large surface which include three distinct areas for play:

1. perforated for pouring water through and colored shape cups to fill with water and place in tabletop cut outs

2. building pegs to attached water wheel (provided) or own building blocks