Jan von Heland gets the idea of creating something that bounces on water. Over the years, the concept is nourished every summer and he tests lots of shapes and materials.

The Waboba Ball is born. Hip, hip, hooray! Time to change the world.

The first Waboba balls are sold on Öland, an island in the southern parts of Sweden.

Waboba is an abbreviation of WAter BOuncing BAll. The name Waboba is picked as an easy thing to say in most languages, and because it has no previous meaning in any language.

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Waboba - Bounces on Water

By Waboba

Waboba or “water bouncing balls” are products for active play on water because they are able to bounce and float. Waboba has a line of balls in different sizes, densities and colors made to play in knee deep to waist high water. Each ball provides a different variation of water play to fit everyone’s needs- Extreme, Pro, Surf and Blast. Special note: Water play always requires direct, constant supervision.