Wacky Links

What do you get when a jewelry designer becomes a youth soccer coach and Cub Scout leader for his children? The invention of the Wacky Links’ craze. Dale Parris, creator and president of Wacky Links™, came up with a DIY kit filled with bright, colorful tubes and connecting charms that can be linked in an infinite number of ways to create jewelry and so much more. Calling upon the creative minds of his two children and nieces, aged 6-11 years old, Wacky links™ went from prototype to the kits you see today!

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Wacky Links package

Wacky Links

By Wacky Links

Wacky Links are comprised of 15 multicolor, supple, silicone straw-length tubes and 20 multicolored hard plastic multi-pronged connecters that serve double duty as “charms”.  Wacky Links players are encouraged to cut the tubes to different lengths in order to create a variety of craft items such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, back pack charms, belts, anklets, headbands for themselves or to trade with friends and family. Wacky Links are offered in several themes, including "Rock 'n Roll Forever", "Safari Adventure", "Winter Wonderland", "Ocean Adventures" and many more.