Xtraordin Air Toys

Xtraordin Air Toys is a Chicago based company that specializes in glow in the dark fun.  To make sure people's fun isn't dictated by the whims of the sun, Xtraordin Air Toys incorporated the technology of glowsticks to extend your fun from dusk til dawn.  They hope that the fun with their products brightens your nights too!

Products from this Manufacturer

Lumi-Niter Disc Kit

The Lumi-Niter Disc Kit includes a flying disc that can soar through the air, but it stands out with its bright colors and ability to glow in the dark. Each flying disc features a bright color--the Discs can be purchased in raspberry, yellow, green, orange, or white—that can make it more visible to the human eye. When the lights start to dim, visibility can brighten up using the 4 glow stick slots on every disk. Just crack the glowsticks to activate them and slip them into the slots to watch it streak across the night sky.