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The Buddy Bike is a unique tandem bicycle where the child sits in front of the adult.  The child’s seat is lower so the adult can easily see over his head.  The pedals are synced and both riders have brakes.  The Buddy Bike has a shorter wheelbase than traditional tandem bikes: 57.125” Buddy Bike Family, 58.125” for Buddy Bike Sport – whereas traditional tandems are 69.7”-72.2”.  Combined weight limit 380lbs. Two Buddy Bikes are available: Buddy Bike Family is designed for novices and non-riders while the Buddy Bike Sport has 24 speeds and geared toward experienced riders.  An adult/child team or two adults can use this bicycle.  The company states this bicycle is for all ages.  As long as a child can sit independently, he would be able to enjoy a ride, but younger children (2-6yrs) may not be able to reach the pedals.  Caution:  This bike can go faster than traditional bikes because 1) It has a lightweight aluminum frame; 2) Two people are pedaling; 3) The seating position provides less wind resistance than single bikes.  

Sensory 4


  • Riders receive proprioceptive input as they pedal and ride the Buddy Bike.  This input is known to improve attention and focus on cognitive tasks presented after.
  • Full body sensory awareness can take place as people feel the movement of their own bodies and joints, feel their bodies in space, feel the rubber of the grips and the wind in their face.

Physical 2


  • The Buddy Bike provides physical activity, which directly combats obesity.
  • Balance and reciprocal leg movements are exercised as people ride the Buddy Bike.

Social/Emotional 4


  • Verbal communication is encouraged and needed during each ride to coordinate pedaling, coasting, turning, braking and stopping. (If one rider coasts, the other rider must coast too. If one rider pedals, the other must pedal as well or place his feet on the foot pegs. Communication is necessary for all functions when riding the Buddy Bike). 
  • Teamwork is encouraged as the two riders work together to use the Buddy Bike.

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Buddy Bike

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 2
Sensory 4
Communicative 4
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 4