Bouncy Bands® for Chairs

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Kids are more productive and spend more time on task when they can move! Bouncy Bands are a heavy-duty solid rubber bungee-like cord that attach to the legs of a chair or desk to allow kids to discretely exercise their legs while sitting. Kids with short legs can enjoy being able to rest their feet on the Bouncy Band instead of having them dangle all day. Bouncy Bands are quiet and don't distract others, so they are a great tool for the classroom setting!

Physical 0


  • Bouncy Bands® encourage gross motor development like foot placement and flexibility in ankles and legs.
  • Bouncy Bands® can help strengthen the lower body and stimulate core muscles.
  • Physical health like circulation and blood pressure can improve when fidgeting with Bouncy Bands®.
  • As feet rebound on the Bouncy Bands®, motor planning skills are enhanced like balance and coordination for walking, running or skipping.  

Sensory 0


  • Proprioceptive input is increased as kids can feel the pressure on their ankles and knees as they bounce.
  • As children bounce their feet, they are becoming more aware of their bodies in space (receiving vestibular input) from rebounding the Bouncy Bands®.
  • Bouncy Bands® can provide sensory stimulation for sensory seekers. 

Social/Emotional 0


  • Bouncy Bands® can be used as a self-regulation tool in the classroom to help kids with anxiety or during transitions.
  • The kinesthetic experience can aid in focus and attention to promote positive interactions and engagement in the classroom.
  • Inclusion in the classroom can be honed with Bouncy Bands® for children of all abilities that benefit from kinesthetic/tactile learning.

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Bouncy Bands® for Chairs

Developmental Skill
Physical Yes
Sensory Yes
Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes