Sensory Shapes Ball

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Product Description

Sensory Shapes Ball is made of durable foam with 6 two-sided puzzle-like inserts. These pieces fit flat into the ball creating a smooth, round surface. Each insert contains different numbers, letters, and textured designs for kids to explore. Grooves cover the surface of the ball creating a variety of areas for hands to grasp as kids play. 

Cognitive 4


  • Memory and recall skills are engaged as children place the shapes in the appropriate spots on the Sensory Shapes Ball.   
  • The Sensory Shapes Ball teaches cause and effect through observations such as kicking or hitting the ball causes it to move forward.
  • Children learn action concepts such as, “in,” “out,” and “on” during play with the Sensory Shapes Ball puzzle pieces.
  • Problem solving skills are used as children figure out how to take the puzzle pieces out of the Sensory Shapes Ball and put them back in. 

Play Ideas

  • Roll the ball with the letter/number side of the puzzle pieces not showing. Whatever puzzle piece lands up, guess which letter or number is underneath to practice memory and recall skills.
  • Remove all the puzzle pieces from the ball to find the shapes around the house. As kids find them, place the shape back on the ball.
  • Caregiver can create a treasure hunt to find where the puzzle pieces are hidden around the house to fill the ball. 

Adaptation Ideas

  • For children who need a visual cue to place the puzzle pieces, put the letters and numbers in the concave sections of the ball using tape or stickers.  

Physical 4


  • Gross motor skills like balance and coordination are engaged as kids go after the ball, throw it and bend down to pick it up during play.
  • Hand transferring and bilateral coordination can take place as kids engage with the Sensory Shapes Ball between both sides of their body during play.
  • Throwing the ball from a standing position engages the core and helps kids develop balance and trunk strength.
  • Hand-eye coordination is engaged as kids throw, catch and play with the Sensory Shapes Ball.

Play Ideas

  • Remove all of the puzzle pieces from the ball and then press the ball down on top of the shape that fits the mold.  
  • Throw the ball into the air and let it land to see where the pieces fly upon impact. 

Social/Emotional 4


  • The foam pieces and squeezable nature of the ball can act as a stress reliever, allowing children to use the ball as a tool to self-regulate if they become overwhelmed.   
  • Self-esteem increases as children successfully throw and catch the Sensory Shapes Ball and gain a sense of accomplishment.
  • The ball is a universally recognized toy that can foster cooperation as children involve others in playtime or share the ball with their friends.

Play Ideas

  • Play music while passing the Sensory Shapes Ball around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the ball does a silly dance or sings the next line of the song.
  • Use the different shapes of the inserts as badges or coins for imaginative play as children make believe. 

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Sensory Shapes Ball

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 3
Communicative 3
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 4