Our Work

The National Lekotek Center collaborates with toy companies to explore innovative ways for children of all abilities to expand their skills and discover their potential through the power of play. To learn more and see examples of our portfolio, choose a category to see examples of “Our Work.”

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Play Guides/Curricula  

Customized collateral materials such as Play Guides and Curricula are a resource to help companies develop communication materials related to child development. Lekotek will prepare written content for any collateral materials needed to market or position products in the areas of physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive and social/emotional aspects of child development. 



  Digital-Media Engagement  

Chicago Special Parent    Chicago Special Parent

Digital Media Engagement allows companies to share news, create awareness and generate interest in products through distribution to media outlets. Lekotek will collaborate with companies to create the most valuable content to be showcased in print and online media efforts. 




  Product Support  

Our Story  Springfree Trampoline

Product Support materials such as shelf talkers, sell sheets and one sheets provide a resource for companies to spotlight products detailing the physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive and social/emotional developmental benefits that children can acquire by playing with this product. Product Support materials also provide sales personnel another tool to use in their presentations and allows them to differentiate and distinguish their product from the competition. Lekotek will prepare written content to help consumers understand a product’s true value and how it could contribute to child development.


  Product Development  


Product Development is a tool for manufacturers to use in the evolution of new products, the re-launch of products and the re-positioning of existing products to better reach children of all abilities and capture the skill development the product delivers. The National Lekotek Center has worked with companies in the product and concept development stages to make play products more accessible and appropriate for children of all abilities. Lekotek will also write content for packaging including box copy and instructional material. 

  Market Research  

Lekotek regularly compiles the most recent research on the children with special needs and the children with disabilities markets. Lekotek also tracks trends, interests, news and initiatives that relate to children of all abilities and child development initiatives. Lekotek is a leading authority on children with special needs, child development, play and toys. Lekotek will create content from focus groups, evaluations, surveys, trainings and more to provide companies with the Market Research they need to communicate information on their company and products.