Weplay Motor Skill Set

Motor Skill Universal Set

The Motor Skill Universal Set is a collection of toys as tools that are designed to target fine and gross motor skills during playtime activities. The blocks, rods, hoops, bean bags and other pieces are ideal for active play. While it comes with an activity guide full of suggested activities, with a nearly endless number of possible combinations, Weplay’s Motor Skill Universal Set can be used for any number of activities. 

Twiggle Toss

Twiggle Toss

This customizable and interactive toy puts a new spin on a classic game of ring toss. Twiggle Toss includes a rocking base, Y-shaped twig, rings and bean bags which allows children to customize game for many levels of play. As a tossing game—choosing either the rings or bean bags—Twiggle Toss is designed to target visual perception and hand-eye coordination. 

Weplay Honey Hills

Honey Hills

Made of sturdy plastic and rubber, Honey Hills are a set of interlocking steppers with a concave and convex surface on each piece. The shape and design make them ideal to be stacked and pathed for kids to walk on during playtime. With accompanying tactile bags that can be filled with stimulating items like sand, rice or beans, Honey Hills is a tool to target the senses as well as physical skills.

Phlat Ball

Phlat Ball® V3

Phlat Ball® V3 is a combination ball and disc for double the fun! When the Phlat Ball® V3 is pressed flat it sticks together like a disc. Phlat Ball transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown. When will it pop? No one knows! The Phlat Ball® V3 disc-to-ball reaction is a surprise because of its variable time-delay feature. 

E-Z Grip Ball

E-Z Grip™ Ball

This durable ball’s rubber outer web provides kids with an easy-to-grasp surface along with high-bounce performance for tons of fun. The E-Z Grip Ball limits frustrations when playing catch with friends as it is lightweight and can be grasped easily. The ball is tough and waterproof for active play and bounce on any surface, including grass, sand and water! 

Tickle Me Tunnel

Tickle Me 9' Geo D-Tunnel

The Tickle Me 9’ Geo D-Tunnel is multicolored with geometrically shaped windows along the length of the tube. The tunnel comes together quickly and easily with some assembly for loads of fun, but collapses down for convenient storage. The D shaped tunnel has a wide path for kids of all ages (and adults!) to crawl through and the flat bottom surface of the tunnel is easy on the knees. Kids will be tickled by the removable streamers that stick to the tunnel’s ceiling brushing them as they crawl through! 


Waboba - Bounces on Water

Waboba or “water bouncing balls” are products for active play on water because they are able to bounce and float. Waboba has a line of balls in different sizes, densities and colors made to play in knee deep to waist high water. Each ball provides a different variation of water play to fit everyone’s needs- Extreme, Pro, Surf and Blast. Special note: Water play always requires direct, constant supervision. 


Cedar Brook

Cedar Brook

Bi-level wooden play set provides plenty of opportunity for children to challenge their bodies and increase their strength and stamina. This set includes two sling-seat swings, a glider swing, monkey bars, a rock climbing wall and a Side Winder slide. Additional embellishments include a rain wheel, magnetic chalkboard and an attached picnic table for one. The play set can accommodate up to 10 children. Individual swings have a maximum weight of 115lbs.; the two-person glider swing has a maximum weight of 150lbs.; and the Side Winder slide has a maximum weight of 250lbs.



Wooden play set kit that contains pre-cut lumber, two heavy duty swings, one ring/trapeze combo, rock climbing wall, Cool Wave Slide, monkey bars, metal rung ladder, one-bench picnic table, two safety handles, cloth canopy roof and all necessary hardware. The swing chains are rubber coated for comfort and safety. When built, this set has two upper level play decks and under deck play space. It can accommodate up to 12 children. Heavy-duty swings have a maximum weight of 350lbs. and Cool Wave Slide has a maximum weight of 250lbs.

Comfy N Secure Coaster Swing

Comfy-N-Secure Coaster Swing

Plastic molded swing featuring adjustable shoulder straps and T-bar for secure swinging.  The T-bar can be lowered for easy positioning.  Once a child outgrows the need for the T-bar it can be strapped to the bottom of the swing.  Maximum weight 50lbs.