Adaptables 3 in 1 Pillow

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Adaptables 3 in 1 Pillow is a therapeutic product for individuals that benefit from sensory feedback and stimulation to enhance focus and attention, and soothe body and mind. In addition to the soft, squeezabilty of the Pillow, it offers vibration when laid on or squeezed. Also, two accessories are provided for additional sensory input: a hot / cold pack, and weighted pack for increased pressure when pillow is laid on body parts. The optional packs are added to the Pillow through two pockets resembling pillow cases sewn into the larger pillow case. Adaptables 3 in 1 Pillow runs on two AA batteries (not included) is available in 2 fabric options (camouflage) and floral), and is surface clean only.

Social/Emotional 4


  • Promotes self-confidence through independent choice of which of the Pillow’s aspects to employ for diffusing distinct emotional or physical sensations.

  • Promotes self-regulation through the Pillow’s calming or soothing sensations (vibration, weight or hot / cold) which ease anxiety surrounding social situations that otherwise provoke avoidance or socially disruptive behaviors.

  • The Pillow provides more socially inclusive method of sensory input thereby reducing the user’s need for sensory seeking behaviors which tend to be viewed as socially disruptive.

Play Ideas

  • Sit in a circle with a group of peers and play “hot potato” with the pillow.

Adaptation Ideas

  • User selects fabric in which to wrap Pillow for personalization or more age / gender appropriate.

Cognitive 4


  • The Pillow is a simple and familiar design thereby inviting users to easily engage with its multiple features in the user's’ own time.

  • Enhances users sense of and mastery of cause and effect when Pillow vibration is activated and deactivated, or the hot / cold or weighted pack is inserted or removed from the Pillow and applied to different parts of the body.

  • Develops comprehension of the relationship between external tactile sensory input and user’s physical or emotional response.

Play Ideas

  • Use pillow while playing a game to enhance individual’s focus by providing sensory input while reading directions, taking turns, moving game pieces, etc.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Facilitator should introduce each of the Pillow accessories to the user utilizing other objects or icons that the user is already familiar which share similar properties.

Sensory 4


  • Builds tolerance for tactile input through user pressing / laying / squeezing Pillow to activate vibration in it; vibration duration is controlled by user’s depression of the vibration activating mechanism.

  • Through the use of the weight pack accessory, the Pillow provides pressure therapy or stimulation of the proprioceptive senses that users need to assist in focus, receptivity to and enhanced ability to process other environmental stimuli thereby reducing unwanted sensory seeking behaviors.

  • Through the use of the hot / cold pack accessory, the Pillow provides a mechanism to warm the user's skin and relax muscle tension or ease pain.

  • The Pillow vibration sound provides “white noise” for those users in need of additional auditory input while engaging in activities needing other sensory attention to process.

Play Ideas

  • Create a “book nook” area with bean bags, pillows, and blankets for a cozy spot to read and relax.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Insert pillow into design-free pillow case in order to diminish impact of visually busy Adaptables Pillow case.

  • To diminish vibration intensity or sound, place a bed pillow on top and / or below Pillow while in use.

  • To eliminate vibration option, removed batteries from pillow.

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Adaptables 3 in 1 Pillow

Developmental Skill
Physical Yes
Sensory Yes
Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes