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Switch-activated spinner replaces traditional game board spinners and/or dice. Press a large button to spin the dial. The unit does have an external jack and can be activated by plugging in your own external switch. Once activated, the dial spins for a preset period of time and stops. This assists children who have difficulty releasing the button/switch. Interchangeable overlays can be used for different games. Unit includes two double-sided overlays: dice on one side and blank wipe-off second side for each overlay. More overlays are available and sold separately. Requires 2 C batteries, sold separately. 


Physical 0


  • The All-Turn-It Spinner enables accessibility to game play.
  • This spinner allows children to be an active participant in a game.
  • There is one large button to activate.
  • The unit has an external jack to plug in and use your own adapted switch.
  • The button automatically stops the spinning even if it remains depressed. This helps children who have a difficult time pressing and releasing with their hands.
  • The button is large enough to be pressed by another part of a body such as a foot or elbow or can be pressed with a head pointer.
  • The button can be pressed with an isolated finger, several fingers, whole hand or fist. The button requires a very light touch to activate.
  • Fold-out easel stand enables the All-Turn-It Spinner to be used upright or flat on a table to provide optimal positioning.
  • This is a large unit that will fit on most wheelchair trays (when using the easel stand). Note: there would not be enough room to have this unit and a game board on a wheelchair tray at the same time.

Communicative 0


  • This can be used to assist children in learning vocabulary and encourage sight word reading. The All-Turn-It Spinner provides opportunities for social interaction in the form of game playing and inclusion.
  • The spinner provides a visual focal point for play.
  • The spinner provides a defined space to focus attention.
  • The size of the All-Turn-It Spinner helps several children see and use it during a game.
  • This spinner can be used to choose teams.

Cognitive 0


  • All-Turn-It Spinner boasts versatility. It can be used to create and play games that incorporate fundamental learning skills such as color, object, shape, number and letter identification, early math skills, and more.
  • The spinner is simple to use and understand.
  • Using this product lessens the steps needed for a child to remember in order to take a turn in a game (e.g. instead of 1. Locate dice, 2. Pick up dice, 3. Shake dice, 4. Release dice, 5. Locate dice, 6. Identify information; the All-Turn-It Spinner has three steps: 1. Locate button, 2. Press button, 3. Identify information).
  • Kids who have attention difficulties may benefit from fewer steps in a turn and from the large, moving display that can attract and maintain their attention.
  • The overlays can be modified for specific activities.
  • The movement, color and contrast heighten interest and help maintain attention.
  • The All-Turn-It Spinner can be used to adapt spinners from board games, making spinning easier to understand and operate.

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All-Turn-It® Spinner

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