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Ideal for promoting focus and attention, Busy Fingers™ helps kids with self-regulation. Busy Fingers™ is a fidget toy that utilizes a variety of fabrics to provide tactile discrimination and sensory stimulation. It can be used when the child feels overwhelmed and needs to keep hands busy, or is seeking out sensory stimulation. It can also be a positive tool for children to use for transitions between activities, home and school. 

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  • Busy Fingers™ can be mounted via Velcro to desks, drawers, tables and more for kids to explore and expend energy through fidgeting with their fingers.  
  • Kids learn through exploration. Busy Fingers™ allows children to engage by “doing” or “feeling” through their fingertips and helps enhance learning.
  • Busy Fingers™ helps direct and control movement so that kids can focus their energy positively and don’t distract others. 

Sensory 0


  • Busy Fingers™ can help kids learn to self-regulate (the ability to monitor and control behavior, emotions, or thoughts).
  • The various fabrics used on Busy Fingers™ can promote sensory exploration and tactile discrimination as the child fidgets and explores the unique textures.
  • Busy Fingers™ can provide sensory input while managing tasks in school, during homework, car rides, etc. This can help a child learn how to multitask and maintain focus and attention.

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  • Manipulating the Busy Fingers™ can be a soothing or calming activity, which may help with behaviors and emotions.
  • Busy Fingers™ can be a positive tool for promoting patience and easing anxiety. For example, kids can use it while waiting at the doctor’s office or while in class.
  • A child can use Busy Fingers™ to ease transitions between activities. Busy Fingers™ are the constant in the equation and can help ease anxiety during novel situations.
  • When a child is fidgeting with Busy Fingers™, learning can be enhanced as fidgeting/movement requires the use of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

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Busy Fingers™

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