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Crab Stack is a game of strategy and problem solving to keep crabs crawling across the game board. Players will have to pin down other crabs and use the Wave Rule as they maneuver around the board in order to be the last crab crawling! Players must focus and attend to every move because as the game progresses, there are less and less options to move crabs across the board. “Crawl smart or get swept away!”

Cognitive 4


  • As children play against one another in friendly competition, Crab Stack engages a sense of strategic thinking needed to outmaneuver the other players to win.
  • Learning as you play, the gameplay for Crab Stack pairs beginning math concepts with creativity when moving different crab pieces.
  • Crab Stack teaches cause and effect as children see the responses to their moves during game play like the Wave Rule or freezing the other crabs. 

Play Ideas

  • Don’t determine a color crab for each player. Have all players use the board together through teamwork to determine a yellow, red, green or blue crab winner.
  • Have each player talk out their move to the group for helpful feedback or additional movement ideas.
  • Play in pairs! Teamwork on strategy and problem solving is always helpful for first time game players.  

Physical 3


  • Fine motor skills like pincer grasp are exercised as children have to pick up and move the various crab tokens around the board.
  • Precision is incorporated into the game as players have to stack a crab on another in order to freeze them in place during game play.
  • Reaching and arm extension are promoted as kids move their crabs across the board. 

Adaptation Ideas

  • Use yellow, blue, green and red Velcro on the crabs to help keep them stacked when on the game board.  
  • Use shelf liner or glue some rubber dots to the bottom of the game board to keep it in place on the table during game play. 

Social/Emotional 4


  • Crab Stack helps introduce and develop the understanding of turn taking and patience as every person needs to go in order for the game to progress.
  • Social awareness and relationships can be promoted as children play with peers in this game of strategy and smiles.
  • Graceful winning and losing (good sportsmanship) is incorporated into gameplay as there is a winner and loser of every short game. 

Play Ideas

  • Place one color of each crab in an opaque container/bag. Have each child reach in and select a crab to determine what color they will play during the game.
  • Create a cheat sheet on an index card as a reminder for how many spaces each crab moves.
  • Remove the Wave Rule from game play so there are no surprises for players.

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Crab Stack

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 3
Sensory 3
Communicative 3
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 4