Jump-N-Count Interactive Mini Bouncer Trampoline

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Product Description

The Jump-N-Count Interactive Mini Bouncer Trampoline 36” is a square trampoline fit for indoor use, with a padded handle for added comfort as children jump. The spring free design uses stretch bands to avoid pinching kids’ fingers and toes, and the stretch bands are covered for additional safety. When turned on, this Jump-N-Count Mini Bouncer Trampoline will count along with the jumps up to 10, congratulate the child, and start again! For every set of 10 jumps completed, a light will illuminate, allowing the child to keep track of how many jumps were completed. 

Cognitive 4


  • Early counting skills of numbers 1 through 10 are worked on as children auditorily track their bounces along with the module on the trampoline.
  • The Jump-N-Count trampoline incorporates early addition into play as children sum up their increments of 10 to total the number of jumps during each session.
  • The verbal feedback from the module counting along with the feedback to reward kids to continue jumping promotes cause and effect relationships during play. 

Play Ideas

  • Have kids verbally count with the trampoline module aloud. This will help cognitively reinforce the number of jumps with the physical feedback of the bounce.
  • Kids can count aloud in different languages as they bounce.
  • Kids can jump in patterns. For example, caregiver can ask a child to stop jumping when the module says the number 3. The caregiver can make it more challenging by asking the child to stop on the number 3 after jumping through one increment of 10. 

Physical 4


  • Repeated jumping on the Jump-N-Count bouncer can help build lower body strength as children bend and extend their legs with each jump and landing.
  • Arm strength is developed as children stabilize themselves using the padded bar as they bounce.
  • The Jump-N-Count bouncer engages the core muscles promoting trunk strength. 

Play Ideas

  • Kids can create an obstacle course and include the trampoline as part of the course.
  • Caregiver can encourage a child to alter, and thus control, the strength used to jump – jump softly, jump hard, jump high, jump fast, jump slow.
  • Balance and balance reactions can be practiced and further developed when a caregiver disturbs the balance by pressing on the surface of the trampoline, encouraging and stimulating a reaction from the child.

Sensory 4


  • Children gain proprioceptive input from jumping. With every bounce, they are able to feel the pressure of their joints and muscles expanding and contracting as they relate to each other.
  • Jumping on the trampoline allows kids to practice whole body movement and helps hone coordination skills as they land.
  • Jumping can help affect vestibular input (the sense of one’s body in space). 

Play Ideas

  • Instead of having the trampoline count along with the jumps, turn that feature off and have the child sing along with the rhythm of the bouncing.
  • Use the trampoline as a reward to incentivize children to complete a task.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Use painters tape to highlight the bounce area that prompts the module to verbally count the number of jumps. 

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Jump-N-Count Interactive Mini Bouncer Trampoline

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 4
Communicative 4
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 3