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Letter Sounds DVD uses friendly characters, music and visual aids to scaffold learning. The DVD is divided into 11 short segments starting with the alphabet to introduce recognition and identification of consonants and vowels and advancing to spelling, sight words and reading sentences. Letter Sounds DVD is a total of 62 minutes and meets Common Core State Standards of learning. 

Sensory 3


  • Children are able to process information visually and auditorily supporting more than one sensory perspective to learn.
  • Segments are presented in a clear format with a simple black background, enabling children to focus on the learning and not be distracted by extraneous visuals.
  • Bright colors and moving characters promote visual tracking and processing.
  • DVD is a great way to introduce simple sounds and words for children who are hard of hearing especially with the “on screen mouth.”       

Physical 3


  • Moving to the rhythm of the music and sounds can encourage large muscle movements.
  • Because there is no physical involvement, children who have a physical disability and children who are developing typically can enjoy and learn on the same level.
  • Encourage movement by having children physically reenact the Reading Sentences DVD section in the home. For example, “The dog was lost.” “I will lift the blanket.”
  • Using the mouse to select and play the segments on the computer can assist children with isolated finger movements and eye-hand coordination.

Communicative 3


  • Expressive language skills are encouraged as children verbally answer quiz questions and mimic learning activities aloud.
  • Children hone receptive language skills by listening to the activities and processing the information that is presented both visually and auditorily.
  • Preliteracy skills and word association are targeted as children hear the words, letters and sentences spoken and see them on the screen with engaging characters.
  • Through repetition in the DVD, children are able to hear consistent, clear sounds, have the time to process that information, form the sound with their mouths and practice verbalizing that sound. 
  • Auditory processing is a part of learning when children listen and respond to directions in the different segments. 

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Letter Sounds DVD

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