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Product Description

Memory Cab is a customizable, interactive flashcard application available for mobile devices.  Providing an interactive way to learn, Memory Cab allows users of all ages to study flashcards with a matching game followed by a review with either a spelling or multiple choice test. While Memory Cab comes with 7 preset flashcard sets, by simply taking a photo with the IPad or IPhone’s camera, naming the item, and uploading it to the app, you can have a new custom set in no time. With its taxi theme, Memory Cab breaks the points system down into “fares” and “tips.” How far will the Memory Cab take you?

Cognitive 4


  • The app's matching exercises strengthen memory in children as they try to pair the items amongst the different cards.
  • Spelling is taught through the review function, making learning how to spell a fun activity through game play.
  • With an unlimited supply of new material through the custom stacks, Memory Cab continuously challenges kids and expands learning.
  • By sorting cards by category, Memory Vocabulary is a fun way to introduce and enforce the concept of categorization as like things are paired together in the stack.

Play Ideas

  • Use the app to help out in school! This digital alternative to paper flashcards give you a memorization tool that is hard to lose and easy to edit.
  • Take photos of family members to use this as a fun tool to learn the names and faces of all of your relatives, in addition to how they are related to you.
  • Incorporate the Memory Vocabulary app into a gameshow play scenario, with the matching app being one of the rounds of the game. 

Communicative 4


  • The introduction to new words on the Memory Vocabulary app help build vocabulary and encourage literacy skills.
  • Early literacy is promoted as children can see the definition of the word, allowing them to visualize the definition.
  • Memory Vocabulary allows kids to practice other languages as they use the flashcards to go from English to many other languages. 

Play Ideas

  • Caregiver can ask kids questions about what they are learning in order to build speech and language skills in a casual forum.
  • Memory Vocabulary is a great conversation starter! After kids solve a matching game and get their fare receipt—talk about where they went on their cab ride. How far could they actually get with a $15 fare?
  • Kids can engage and communicate with peers or siblings to create their own “custom set” of flash cards related to a theme around the house, at their favorite playground, etc. 

Physical 4


  • Fine motor skills like pointing and isolated finger movements are developed as children have to press the buttons on the screen to play.
  • Memory Vocabulary can encourage two handed (bilateral) play as children hold the device with one hand and press the buttons with the other.
  • Stacks of flash cards are no problem with Memory Vocabulary! All of the stacks are stored digitally in the app library allowing children the independence to access the entire set of flash cards at one time without the bulk. 

Play Ideas

  • Kids can use a stylus to engage with the app using tripod grasp versus isolated finger movements to interact.
  • Using the color flash cards in the spelling round, kids can collect items around the house that reflect those colors. For example, if the color is red, an apple from the kitchen. 

Adaptation Ideas

  • Since this app requires a smart device, there are many options for cases to make the smart device easier for kids to hold independently.    

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Memory Vocabulary

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 2
Communicative 4
Cognitive 3
Social/Emotional 3