Mounted Table Top Scissors (on plastic)

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Traditional scissors require a user to have the motor strength, accuracy, and dexerity to insert fingers into the grip holes and squeeze them together while holding the object firmly and steadily in the opposing in order to successfully cut into an object. The Mounted Scissor eliminates the most of the above listed barriers by replacing the traditional grip with a T-shaped handle, inserting a spring into the blades thereby effortlessly opening them after the cut is complete, and attaching the scissor to a mount which serves as the “hand grip” for the scissor. The scissors employ Universal Design principles (as defined by Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University) for equitable use, low physical effort, simple and intuitive, and the size and space for approach and use.  

Physical 0


  • The Mounted Scissor reduces the degree of fine motor control typically needed to operate a standard pair of scissors via the T-shaped handle in place of the thumb and finger holed grip.
  • The Mounted Scissor built-in gentle spring action reduces the physical effort necessary to cut into and release from an object.
  • The T-shaped handle allows users to employ only one hand or other body parts to operate the blades, such as arm, elbow, foot or forehead.
  • The Mounted Scissor smooth base allows user to slide cut object closer to blades’ point of intersection and rest in place, then freeing the hand from holding the paper while being cut, reducing bilateral coordination. 

Adaptation Ideas

  • Add velcro or other stabilizing material to bottom of scissors to keep scissors from sliding across table during use.
  • May require additional person's assistance to guide paper into scissors.

Cognitive 0


  • The Mounted Scissor supports independence for all users.
  • The Mounted Scissor design is simple to understand and operate.
  • The Mounted Scissor provides immediate feedback and reinforces cause and effect learning.

Play Ideas

  • Cut along a zig-zagged line, cut along various curved lines.
  • Follow the Bird’s path: draw a curved or straight line from blank side of paper to side of paper with bird on it. Watch the path the bird flew.

Social/Emotional 0


  • The Mounted Scissor supports independence and sense of self-reliance for users.
  • The Mounted Scissor fosters inclusion by allowing users to participate in group activities that require cutting such as crafts or office work, thereby increasing socialization opportunities. 

Play Ideas

  • Race a peer that is using typical scissors on an arts and crafts project.

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Mounted Table Top Scissors (on plastic)

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