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The Multiples are a series of dishes that promote numeracy—the ability to understand and work with numbers—through exposure and social learning. Each plate, bowl or cup includes a selection from a diverse cast of animal characters as well as number sets. The sets are separated into three levels: early years, middle years and later years. This tiered system allows children to be exposed to new sets of numbers as they advance with age and progress their skills. When combined, all of the pieces cover multiplication tables from 1 to 12. Each curriculum set comes with a bowl, a tumbler, a large plate, and a small plate. The Multiples also have books that can be purchased separately to go along with these digit dishes.

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  • With increased exposure to numbers, children can learn to make connections between addition and multiplication. Children who understand math during early education are more likely to succeed in math throughout their education.
  • Each piece of tableware is focused on a different multiplication table from 1-12. This allows children to become familiar with ascending numbers that do not necessarily follow the traditional number order, but instead increase by 2s, 3s, etc.
  • Each of the plates and dishes include dots or “pips” to symbolize how many each number increases. Using these pips, children can have a visual representation of the numbers in addition to the printed number. 

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  • Children can practice new vocabulary that is related to mathematics as they are exposed to and inquire about the number concepts featured.
  • Social learning is a key concept of The Multiples. When social learning occurs at home, it provides children with an open dialogue about the numbers, dishes, and the characters themselves with peers and caregivers.
  • With a multinational animal mascot on each dish, The Multiples provides the opportunity for children to discuss both the animal and nation represented on them.

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  • As children improve their math skills, this can lead to greater self-esteem to be expressed around the house and the confidence in school to raise their hand and answer a question.
  • Learning about math is often a social process. Children can explore their knowledge and assimilations in the world around them when at the grocery store, museum or at the park.  
  • Life skills such as table etiquette can be introduced as children are taught how to use the dishes at the table. Plus, the plates can encourage “unplugged” meal times and connect the family together at the table. 

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The Multiples Tableware Sets

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