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Product Description

NogginRings are the second product to be introduced in the line of Milestone Makers™ from SmartNoggin Toys. NogginRings have been updated from the original “Red Rings” product introduced in the 1980s. This redeveloped product takes a classic toy and gives it a modern twist. NogginRings encourages positive caregiver and child interaction during critical early childhood development. 

Physical 4


  • Fine motor skills such as hand and finger grasp are encouraged as children manipulate and grip the different sized rings.
  • Two handed play and bilateral coordination are encouraged as children use both hands to hold onto the rings and manipulate the flexible nature of the core.
  • Caregiver and child interaction of pulling develops muscle strength in the hands and arms along with hand and finger dexterity when grasping the rings.

Play Ideas

  • Caregiver can slowly dangle and swing the NogginRings in the air and have the child reach up and grasp it. This helps with core strength, range of motion and grasping.
  • Caregiver can pull back the black and white ring to create a big red loop with the NogginRings. Have the child reach through it to grab a cracker or small toy. This requires aim and movement along with eye-hand coordination.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Use accessory links to attach the NogginRings to a stroller, car seat or wheelchair so they are always within reach of the child playing.  

Sensory 3


  • The noise of the rattle in the NogginRings when shaken stimulates auditory attention and tracking as babies locate the source of the sound.
  • Tactile exploration is encouraged when feeling the raised smiley face in the center of the NogginRings or manipulating the flexible rubber rings.
  • The contrasting colors (red, white and black) are ideal for early eye development as these are the first colors babies are able to recognize. 

Play Ideas

  • Caregiver can encourage textural perception by gently dragging the NogginRings across a baby’s arms or legs. This sensory experience will help baby become familiar with touch and comprehend differences between textures.
  • Caregiver can shake the NogginRings behind their back to encourage baby to explore object permanence through sound.

Social/Emotional 4


  • The embossed smiley face on the NogginRings acts as a familiar symbol that the child is comfortable with, to make playtime more soothing and inviting.
  • NogginRings encourage positive caregiver and child interactions. When playing in close proximity, caregivers provide the emotional reassurance a baby needs to eventually play independently.
  • The NogginRings rattle sound encourages babies to explore more. Babies have a sense of discovery as they try to grab and hold onto the rings. 

Play Ideas

  • Pretend play that the rings are the steering wheel of a car. Kids can use two hands at “10 and 2” on the “wheel” and twist and turn the NogginRings to mimic their caregivers driving a car.
  • Caregiver can use another toy (rattle, instrument, noise maker) to reciprocate the sound baby made from the NogginRings.
  • Caregiver can smile and cheer when baby shakes the rattle and stop when they stop. This teaches baby about emotions through cause and effect relationships. 

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Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 3
Communicative 3
Cognitive 3
Social/Emotional 4