Scramble Squares Frogs

Promoted Skills

Product Description

This is a non-interlocking puzzle set that requires picture matching. Match the pictures on the edges of nine squares to complete the puzzle. Puzzles are available in various subject categories, and stores easily in its zip lock pouch. The designs assessed were: Serengeti, North American Birds, Butterflies, Vintage Airplanes, and Frogs. 


Social/Emotional 4


  • Confidence is promoted as children complete individual puzzles in order to complete the entire unit.
  • Scramble Squares can help a child learn patience, active listening and interaction with peers. 
  • Cooperative play skills can be incorporated as children and caregivers work together to complete the puzzle. 

Play Ideas

  • While playing with a partner, have one direct the other’s movements to assemble the puzzle, thus creating opportunities to practice expressive and receptive verbal skills.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Label each piece with a number to provide cues for piece selection.

Cognitive 3


  • Understanding directionality -- as they move and position the cards to match the objects on each piece.
  • Strategic thinking -- as a child thinks through the entire sequence of the puzzle.
  • Part-whole relationships -- as they match two halves of an object together.
  • Understanding of similarities and differences -- as they investigate the differences in color or shape of particular frogs or etc. This skill can generalize into life skills such as a quarter is different than a dime or a green light is different than a red light.

Play Ideas

  • Using 2 cards, each with 4 different objects, practice rotating the cards to complete one object.
  • Start with just two cards and have the child match up one bird top to bottom. Then add a card and have the child make a linear puzzle matching tops and bottoms.
  • Give cards to the child and have the child make as many complete birds as possible, connecting all or only two at a time. Or, have the child make as many complete frogs as he can.
  • Turn the cards over and make a memory/matching game. For instance, either find one North American Bullfrog or Red Eyed Tree Frog.

Physical 2


  • As children pick up and move the individual pieces, manual dexterity is incorporated into play.
  • Spatial concepts are enhanced as children work through the puzzle.
  • Patience is necessary as children try different pieces until the correct one is found.

Play Ideas

  • Glue non-skid material to the backs of the pieces to keep them from sliding during play.
  • Place puzzle in a shallow tray or box top to keep pieces in desired positions.
  • Glue knobs to the center of each piece to assist in grasping and moving the pieces.
  • Put a piece of hook and loop fastener (e.g. Velcro) on the back and use the puzzle on a Velcro board. The pieces will stay where they were placed. For another stabilization strategy, place a small piece of self adhesive magnet on the back and use the puzzle on the refrigerator.

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AblePlay Rating

Scramble Squares Frogs

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 2
Sensory 2
Communicative 4
Cognitive 3
Social/Emotional 4