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The three set pairs of Stepping Stones mimic walking on stilts and encourage children to practice their gross motor skills. The plastic stones are flat on one side and rounded on the other with anti-slip pads and rope to grasp hold of to provide children with two challenge levels. Beginners can use the flat side for more stability when learning how to “stilt walk” and the rounded side can be used to challenge kids that have mastered the stilt walking with the Stepping Stones as the surface rocks below their feet. The Stepping Stones can also be used without the ropes, transforming them into stones to create obstacle courses, pretend play opportunities and more. 

Physical 4


  • As children maneuver on the Stepping Stones, either in stone or stilt form, balance is stimulated and practiced through play.
  • Ankle stability and strength along with foot placement are practiced as kids balance on the rounded side of the Stepping Stone as it rocks during play.  
  • As kids grip the ropes with their hands and move arms and legs in coordination during stilt walking, motor planning skills are encouraged.
  • The Stepping Stones allow children to exercise their bodies and promote overall muscle strength during playtime. 

Play Ideas

  • Use painters tape on the carpet to create an obstacle course for kids to follow while using the Stepping Stones as stilts.
  • Set up a relay race and make the Stepping Stones a part of the competition as stilts or stones.
  • Set up the Stepping Stones without the ropes to create a line like a balance beam. Kids can balance across the stones and attempt not to touch the ground as they go from point A to point B.  

Adaptation Ideas

When kids are using the Stepping Stones as stilts, use one at a time instead of as a pair to practice foot placement and balance. Have the child balance with one foot off the ground and one on the stone. 

Sensory 4


  • As kids use their arms for balance or hold onto the ropes when using the Stepping Stones as stilts, proprioceptive input is heightened, which lets children sense where their bodies are in space.
  • The smooth plastic of the Stepping Stones can provide a unique sensation on the bottom of children’s bare feet. 
  • Tactile discrimination is encouraged as children decipher between the flat side or the rounded side of the Stepping Stones. 

Play Ideas

  • The ground is lava! Combine the Stepping Stones with other household items like couch pillows to let children navigate without touching the ground.
  • Use the stilts to play a goofy game of soccer with a beach ball or other light inflatable ball. 
  • Lay bubble wrap on the floor and allow kids to pop it while using the Stepping Stones as stilts. 

Social/Emotional 4


  • With three vibrantly colored pairs of Stepping Stones included in the set, kids can choose their favorite color, offering them the independence to make a choice.
  • The Stepping Stones set allows kids to play independently or cooperatively with others.
  • With different levels of play, self-esteem and confidence are encouraged as kids successfully balance on the Stepping Stones during play.
  • Stepping Stones encourage open-ended play, allowing children to feel in control when they choose how to play. 

Play Ideas

  • Play “follow the leader” with one child jumping from one Stepping Stone to the next and the others following the pattern. 

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Stepping Stones

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 4
Communicative 3
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 4