Tickle Me 9' Geo D-Tunnel

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Product Description

The Tickle Me 9’ Geo D-Tunnel is multicolored with geometrically shaped windows along the length of the tube. The tunnel comes together quickly and easily with some assembly for loads of fun, but collapses down for convenient storage. The D shaped tunnel has a wide path for kids of all ages (and adults!) to crawl through and the flat bottom surface of the tunnel is easy on the knees. Kids will be tickled by the removable streamers that stick to the tunnel’s ceiling brushing them as they crawl through! 

Physical 4


  • Crawling is a developmental movement pattern that is beneficial for muscle strength for upper body, lower body, and core strength which influence skills to walk, run, skip and jump.
  • Crawling through the tunnel supports bilateral coordination as both sides of the body are used to navigate the tunnel.
  • Gross motor skills including balance and coordination and motor planning are exercised as children move in and around the tunnel. 

Play Ideas

  • A caregiver and child can each stand or sit on opposite ends of the tunnel and try to roll or kick a ball through to the other person!
  • Scatter items like balls, bean bags and stuffed animals throughout the tunnel to have kids collect on their crawl. Keep crawling through until all of the items are cleaned up!  

Sensory 4


  • With the streamers hanging from the ceiling, the tunnel heightens tactile stimulation as kids feel the sensation on their head, neck, shoulders and back.  
  • Crawling through the tunnel provides kids’ bodies with proprioceptive input (pressure on the joints) as their hands and knees feel the pressure on the tunnel floor.  
  • As kids crawl through the tunnel, binocular vision (distance vision) is encouraged. Crawling from one end of the tunnel to another requires kids to use their eyes in focus together.  

Play Ideas

  • Remove some of the short pipes from the end of the tunnel to create a “wind sock” style tube for kids to crawl through and receive sensory input.  
  • Put plastic balls inside the tunnel for the kids to maneuver through when crawling from one end to the other.
  • Play pretend with the tunnel and go deep sea diving! A caregiver can tape pictures of sea life on the inside of the tunnel for the child to explore and share upon exit. 

Adaptation Ideas

  • Place the tunnel over top of foam flooring or a plush rug to soften the surface beneath the tunnel as kids crawl through. 

Social/Emotional 4


  • The tunnel provides opportunities for shared play scenarios which promotes social skills like turn taking, patience and rule following as children interact with peers.
  • The enclosed sides help define spatial boundaries which can provide a calming effect as children crawl through or hang out inside the tunnel.
  • Creativity is encouraged as kids play pretend and imagine all of the possibilities the tunnel can be. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sewer for example! 

Play Ideas

  • Use the tunnel in an obstacle course inside or outside as part of the challenge.
  • Place a toy or surprise at the end of the tunnel for kids to find when they crawl through or to be used as an incentive/motivator for the child to get to the other side. 

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Tickle Me 9' Geo D-Tunnel

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 4
Communicative 3
Cognitive 3
Social/Emotional 4