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In the age of toys with many pieces, Toy Tamer Bags are the self-proclaimed cure for the black holes of toy boxes. Whether for at home storage or for taking toys on the go, the Toy Tamer Bag is designed to keep toys organized and easy to find. The bag boasts features such as transparent sides, I.D. holder, collapsible design, and handles for carrying or hanging. The zippered bag is designed to be easy to clean and as friendly to kids as it is to adults. The bags come in 3 sizes and 4 colors. 

Cognitive 0


  • The different sized Toy Tamer Bags help children comprehend spatial relationships. After children are finished playing, clean up with the Toy Tamer Bags can be a cognitive exercise to make sure all the toys fit in the bag.
  • As children label the bags, sorting and classification are encouraged and organization can be promoted.  
  • Children can practice decision making skills to choose which toys to include in the Toy Tamer Bag. 

Communicative 0


  • Labeling the Toy Tamer Bags with a pictorial or written cue promotes choice making through visual representation.
  • Kids can learn categorization skills by organizing different types of toys in the Toy Tamer Bags. For example, doll clothes, cars or train sets.
  • The I.D. holder and transparent sides on the Toy Tamer Bags promote receptive language skills as kids are provided the visual input to comprehend what is inside.

Physical 0


  • Kids can practice their pincer grasp (thumb and pointer pinched together) to zip and unzip the Toy Tamer Bags.
  • Whole hand grasp and hand-eye coordination are promoted as kids take out and replace items from the Toy Tamer Bags. 
  • The small, medium and large sized bags can encourage muscle strength and arm reach/extension as kids gather the Toy Tamer Bags from a hook, shelf or closet to play.  

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Toy Tamer Bags

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