Twiggle Toss

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This customizable and interactive toy puts a new spin on a classic game of ring toss. Twiggle Toss includes a rocking base, Y-shaped twig, rings and bean bags which allows children to customize game for many levels of play. As a tossing game—choosing either the rings or bean bags—Twiggle Toss is designed to target visual perception and hand-eye coordination. 

Cognitive 4


  • With rings of 3 different colors and bean bags of 4 different colors, Twiggle Toss provides ample opportunity for involving color recognition and identification into play.
  • Twiggle Toss makes it easy to introduce early counting into playtime. Let children begin to count by keeping score as they toss the rings and bags.
  • By recognizing the different colors and sizes of rings, children can incorporate sorting and classification into playtime. 

Play Ideas

  • Get the colored bean bags into the ring of the corresponding color. The bean bag with no match counts as a wild card. Kids can call out which color ring before throwing to reinforce color identification.
  • Set up a pretend play carnival! Twiggle Toss can be one of the “booths” for a carnival themed play date.
  • All of the pieces can be part of a pirate’s buried treasure for a scavenger hunt. Armed with a map and/or list of clues created by kids or caregivers, children can go around the house as they try and find all of the pieces of the buried treasure.

Physical 4


  • Twiggle Toss aids in developing hand and finger grasps as children can choose between picking up and grabbing the soft and malleable bean bags or the rigid plastic rings.
  • Gross motor skills like reaching and arm extension as kids toss the rings and bean bags towards the twigs.
  • Development of balance and coordination is engaged as kids steady their cores and bodies before they toss the rings and bags from varying distances.

Social/Emotional 4


  • Twiggle Toss can be played independently or with others promoting self-awareness and social relationships.
  • Turn taking during game play teaches kids about rules of the game and the patience of waiting until their next turn.
  • Good sportsmanship can be honed as kids cheer on others for placing a ring or displaying appropriate excitement for getting on a ring themselves. 

Play Ideas

  • Have kids say a different phrase of praise each time a ring or a bean bag are successfully thrown. For example, “Hot dog!” or “Wahoo!”
  • Ribbit, ribbit! Kids will be frogs in a game of lily pad jumping. Place the different rings a short distance apart on the ground, the space between is water. The goal of the game is to get across the room by hopping and landing on the rings. 

Adaptation Ideas

  • Have the child play this game independently before interacting with peers. This will help them understand game play and give them the confidence to interact with others during a game of Twiggle Toss. 

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Twiggle Toss

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 3
Communicative 4
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 4